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Arbeitsprozessorientierte Kompetenzentwicklung für den Hafen der Zukunft
Laufzeit: Dezember 2013 bis Februar 2017
ArKoH is a single player online game supporting the learning in the maritime industry, especially in harbours and has been developed in the context of the ArKoH project. The objective of the game is to familiarize players with typical operations found in a harbour setup. The player is introduced into a port scenario and collects points by answering questions. During the course of the game so-called jokers support the player in finding the right answers. Players can choose their role (e.g. stevedore, crane operator) and the difficulty level (beginner, intermediate, expert) before diving into the gameplay. After completing the game, players can compare to each other through a highscore list. ArKoH also offers a duelling mode in which two players compare directly with each other by answering three selected questions. Game designers are supported by an editor, which allows the creation and maintenance of ArKoH game scenarios.
Dezember 2013 bis Februar 2017