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Efficient and Green Logistics Management along the Maritime Silk Road – GreenSilk
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Despite the strategical important location of Zhengzhou within the Maritime Silk Road as in important multimodal logistics hub with the access to all transportation systems – railway connections, highway connections, airplane connections and by this, connections to the major seaports of China, there is a lack of logistics courses at its biggest university Zhongyuan University of Technology. Furthermore, Zhengzhou is an important internatonal transport corridor to Germany and Europe, especially by railway and air. Thus, the demand for the well-educated international logistics managers and the strengthening of the international collaboration is obvious for both countries. This was one of the reasons to found a joint international center in Logistics Management and Engineering (IRC-LOG) in March 2018 together with the German experts. In early 2019, the team of IRCLOG mutually agreed to reach following goals in the framework of the GreenSilk: 1. Improvement of the courses of study in logistics management in the curriculum offer of the Zhongyuan University of Technology (ZUT) that are appropriate to the local context and correspond to the state of the art, 2. Exploitation of new experience on the development cooperation, especially through the new international working group of IRC-LOG at ZUT, 3. Enlargement of the subject-related academic network between project partners and beyond, reinforced by the international association of the “Asian-German Knowledge Network for Transportand and Logistics e.V”.
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