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Towards an Intermodal Transport Network through innovative research-driven clusters in Regions of organised and competitve knowledge
Laufzeit: Januar 2012 bis Dezember 2014
The InTraRegio project is a coordination action that aims to enhance the integration process and the capacity of the five European regions Canary Islands (ES), Bremen (DE), Marmara (TR), Calabria (IT) and Ruse (BG) towards their development of regional RTD and economic policies and research strategies related to transport concerns, in particular to intermodal freight and passenger transport. Main objectives are: Strengthening the INTRAREGIO regions’ capacity for investing more and better in RTD and producing research strategies contributing to regional socio-economic development and to enhanced European competitiveness of transport-related economies Fostering development, cooperation and integration of innovative and mature research-driven clusters Disseminate knowledge and raising public awareness
Januar 2012 bis Dezember 2014
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